Surveying & Mapping

The science or art of making the measurements necessary to determine the relative positions of points above, on, or beneath the surface of the earth, or to establish such points. The work of the surveyor consists largely in making such measurements and can be divided into three parts - Field Work, Computing and Mapping.

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As-Built Survey

A survey performed to obtain horizontal and/or vertical dimensional data so that constructed improvements may be located and delineated; also known as a Record Survey.

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Boundary Survey

A survey, the primary purpose of which is to document the perimeters, or any one of them, of a parcel or tract of land by establishing or re-establishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines for the purposes of describing the parcel, locating fixed improvements on the parcel, dividing the parcel, or platting.

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Lebron Group Surveying and Mapping Corp.

A qualified professional member of the Florida Surveying & Mapping Society, the Engineering and Land Surveyors Association of Puerto Rico (Florida Chapter) and The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.


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